MLS and CSL, the Alternative Destinations for Famous Football Players to Spread Their Wings

As we know, Europe and South America are world’s continents that have the best stock of talented and highly skilled football players. From those parts of the world, we have seen the utmost talents from European and South American football players that mostly spread all-over the leading European leagues. Top five leading European leagues include English Premier League, German Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, as well as French Ligue 1. Those players play in the teams from those five leagues not only because those leagues are the greatest, most entertaining leagues, but also they are paid well in those leagues. They can also explore their experiences while playing in those five leagues.

Major League Soccer and Chinese Super League, the Alternative Destinations for Famous Football Players to Spread Their Wings

There are many football players to start exploring their experiences through the intense competition of European leagues, and if they have had enough, in their more mature age they commonly will move to certain leagues which competition is not as intense as European league. Major League Soccer and Chinese Super League become two of the most liked leagues for famous football players to move when they want to spread their wings all over the world.

Famous Football Players in Major League Soccer

American dream seems to be popular in football world too. In these recent 10 years, it seems that every year, there will be always a popular football player playing in European leagues that moves to Major League Soccer, America’s most popular football league, or like what Americans like to put it, soccer league.

Famous Football Players in Major League Soccer

One of the most popular moves from European leagues to Major League Soccer was probably David Beckham’s move to Los Angeles Galaxy in 2007. Beckham, one of the most iconic English football player, moved from the Spanish giant Real Madrid at the moment, and his decision to play far away from Europe was influential. There are a number of famous English players moving to Major League Soccer in the following years.

In 2013, Bradley Wright-Phillips moved from Arsenal to New York Red Bulls. Two of the greatest English midfielders in history also moved to Major League Soccer in 2015. After 13 years of a spectacular career as Chelsea FC’s legendary playmaker, Frank Lampard moved to New York City FC. Later in the same year, Steven Gerrard also spread his wings to Los Angeles Galaxy after a highly praised career as Liverpool FC’s most loved son.

David Villa, who shined with Barcelona in La Liga, moved to New York City FC in 2014, and without had to take so long, he was presented with an award as The Best MLS Player of 2016. The other great names of MLS players previously played in European top five leagues include Kaka (from AC Milan to Orlando City in 2014), Thierry Henry (from Barcelona to New York Red Bulls in 2010), and Robbie Keane (from Tottenham Hotspur to Los Angeles Galaxy in 2011).

Famous Football Players in Chinese Super League

China, which is in the competition with United States of America in the business area, had also become famous football players’ destination in these recent years. Owners of Chinese football clubs has been brave to spend big money on famous European league players. Even though the Chinese Super League itself is not really popular for worldwide football fans, many famous players are still captivated by the big money offered to them to play in the league. judi online

Foreign players in Chinese Super League are dominated by Brazilian players. There are five top Brazilian players that now are still playing for their Chinese clubs. Renato Augusto plays for Beijing Guoan after moving from Corinthians in 2016. Alexandre Pato, who was a star in AC Milan, plays for Tianjin Quanjian after moving from Villareal. Hulk, the second most expensive Chinese Super League player (47 million euro), moved to Shanghai SIPG in 2016 after he played four brilliant seasons for Zenith Saint Petersburg.

Famous Football Players in Chinese Super League

However, two of the most shocking moves to Chinese Super League were the two Brazilian who were also Chelsea FC teammates, Ramires and Oscar. They both moved in 2016, and were so popular in Chinese Super League. Ramires was a great effect for Jiangsu Suning since he could take them into the runner-up position in 2016. Oscar made a record as the most expensive Chinese Super League transfer ever. Bought from Chelsea in 2016, he moved to Shanghai SIPG with the price of 51 million euro.

Other names of famous players playing in Chinese Super League include the players from various countries. Alex Witsel, a Belgian youngster previously played for Zenith Saint Petersburg, moved to Tianjin Quanjian recently. Carlos Tevez in 2016 moved from Boca Juniors to Shanghai Shenhua, to try his luck in Asian region. Gervinho, John Obi Mikel, and Odion Ighalo become the African famous players to play in Chinese Super League.

Either to spend the rest of their career or just to play in a league with less intense competition rush, those players have one thing to sure: they want to spread their wings exploring places they have never been played before that are still convincing for them to survive. United States of America and China are the best places for these players to have a convincing career of football except Europe.

Fresher atmosphere has to be something these players also needed. The pressure of European leagues that are both exhausting and stressing might be one of the reasons they moved to America and Asia. They surely will survive since the experiences they got from European leagues are highly qualified or they will be shocked with the differences in the playing atmosphere that they have to adapt to the league firstly. Chances are that they will be many European league players to move to America or Asian in the future, and it is not impossible for those leagues to also be as popular as European leagues. All in all, what we need to do now is to wait and see how many more of our favorite players moving to clubs from United States and China.

Does Financial Fair Play Really Work?

Soccer has become the most popular sport in the world. With so many people love this sports, this condition change soccer into, not only a mere sport, but also business. There are many competitions that offers great money prize. The TV rights also become the other source of income from many professional soccer clubs, because the high demands from the audience, which make the match that was broadcasted through it, become high valuable show. Therefore, many professional soccer clubs try to build their team with the strongest player, so they can win all of those tournament and competition. More than that, with best player in the team, they also can show good and beautiful team play, which can mesmerize many people and attract more audience. And, all of these things has one solely purpose, which is making more money. In fact, soccer has close relationship with huge chunk amount of money. The easiest way to see that is the player transfer, which usually held on summer, before the season start, or winter, in the mid-season.

Does Financial Fair Play Really Work

Many soccer clubs spend lot, even more than you can imagine, just getting a sign with top player that they want. They have no regret to spend that much amount of money, because when their club can play better and move to more advance stage of competition, more money await them. So, it’s like investment, with big chance to get huge profit. And, this is where all problems came out onto surface. With so many club spend huge amount of money, there are many problem that come to them later, like debt. Aware of this unhealthy condition, UEFA, as the organization that governs everything about soccer in Europe, made an innovation. They create Financial Fair Play (FFP) rule. With this rule, every soccer club in Europe can’t spend more than what they earn anymore. There is even specific rule in FFP that state the amount of the money that a soccer club can spend mustn’t over the specific percentage limit of their income (match prize, TV, merchandise and other). With this financial rule, there are no clubs that can spend the amount of money that they want, because they got investment from their new owner. And, it also gives a justice from the small soccer club that isn’t financially strong as big club. With this rule, UEFA try to make soccer business and competitiveness to become much better in the future. But, does that really work?

Although FFP was created to give fairness and equality in player transfer, the status of big club and small club doesn’t change at all. Those big clubs with huge fan base and strong branding in soccer business world keep leading in the player transfer. It’s because, the FFP state that the club only can spend their money to buy player as much as some percentage of their income. And, because these big clubs has big income in the first place, they can spend money way much more than small club, just like before. The equality and uniformity that was hoped before can’t be achieved here. This condition also leads it into worst situation, the lack of competitive value of the domestic league.

Real Madrid and FC Barcelona

Just take a look at La Liga in Spain. The champion of their soccer league is dominated by Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, as two richest soccer clubs in Spain as well as in the world. Few seasons back, Atletico Madrid has successfully break domination of those two clubs. But, it’s only just short time. In last few season, this league is dominated again by those two. The worst case is maybe Ligue 1. It is rare to see other club than PSG on the top position of the league standings. Last season, AS Monaco has successfully broken their domination. However, many analysts see that this year, the champion of this league will be in PSG hand once again. We can already see it by how PSG build their team for this season competition. After recruiting Neymar from FC Barcelona and made him become the most expensive player in the world, they also recruit Kylan Mbappe from their competitor, AS Monaco. Mbappe was the most important player on the attacking line of AS Monaco. With him moving to PSG, we can say that AS Monaco attacking line has become reduced in term of power.

The big name and not very well-known name soccer club also can become the source of other problem. With club that has strong branding, acquiring sponsorship that can give them more money would be easier. This will make the limit that FFP has stated can be raised higher even more. That makes them have more ability and money to buy player with much expensive price. On the other hand, small club don’t have ability to do that. So, in the end, FFP has not that much effect on making the player transfer process become more fair and can be done in good way. The other purpose to make the competition become more competitive also can’t be achieved with this FFP. So, what is the good solution for this condition?

Some people maybe want UEFA to create the uniformity in the amount of money that a professional soccer club can spend. But, this won’t be a good thing, because it will change the business system itself, which make it impossible to do. The best solution is by creating a rule where a club must use numbers of specific player that they use on a match. For example, in one match, a club can only use 6 players that they buy from player transfer, and the rest of it must be player from their academy. This will help to even the strength of each club, and more than that, this will stimulate the development of young player for the future. This is also good way for the national team of the respective country where that competition has been held. Of course, all of this will lead to one thing, which is a better and much more interesting soccer match for all.