Art Academy of Latvia

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The Art Academy of Latvia isn't just a beautiful building from the outside (one of the most beatiful in Riga by the way!) The most beautiful and interesting things are "being born" inside there.

There you can meet Latvia's most creative, talanted, and yeah, why not - the craziest people! The becoming artists and their inspireing teachers - highly recognised Latvian artists and professors.

Regulary there are different exhibitions at the Hall of the Art Academy of Latvia. Entrance is for free for everyone

Every year at the end of February there is an anniversary Carnival of the Art Academy of Latvia - all organised by students. Every year there is a special theme for the carnival, for example: "The time Machine"(2008), "Hippie Farm"(2009), "Black & White Planet"(2010). Its the true time of Bohemia!

And every year there is a Christmas Exhibition-Market "Jarmarka"  which takes place in the Hall of Academie. Students and professors are exposing their works which are made during the studies (paintings,drawings,ceramics, textile, etc), which also are for sale. The right time and place where to find original presents for the Christmas or to get a fine piece of art. Part of all incomes are being donated for the restoration of the Academie.

At the Art Academy of Latvia there are:

The Faculty of Visual Arts (2D) (Department of Painting, Graphic Art, Textile Art, Drawing)

The Faculty of Visual Arts (3D) (Departnemt of Sculpture, Ceramics, Glass Art, Fashion Art)

The Faculty of Design (Department of Environmental Art, Functional Design, Metal Design)

The Faculty of Audio-Visual media (Department of Visual Communication, Scenography)

The Faculty of History and Theory of Arts (Department of History and Theory of Art and Culture, Restoration, Humanities)

art academy of latvia

art academy of latvia

art academy of latvia

More info at: www.lma.lv

Location: Oskara Kalpaka Boulevard 13 (near the Hotel Latvia)

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