Ala Folk Club

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Ala Folk Club is a REAL Latvian Traditional Bar and Restaurant located in the Old Town.

The place offers Latvian Cuisine, Beers, Music (Latvian Traditional).

Beers: Aldaris, Kviešu, very recommended by the barman is a filtered beer Tērvetes Alus and two non filtered "Gaišais" and "Tumšais".

The place was opened at the end of 2009. Every Friday there is a live traditional Latvian music.

Every Wednesday there is teacher in the place that teaches the guests the Traditional Latvian dances (starts at around 21:00).

On every Saturday there are different musicians that play live music.

On Mondays and Tuesdays a chance for local unknown bands to perform.

Web site: www.folkklubs.lv

White fish with Latvian Traditional Black Bread and drink (cost: 4.5 LVL):

    ala folk club

    The crew of Ala Folk Club:

    ala folk club

    ala folk club


    Ala folk club changed its location!

    The new address is: Smilšu iela 16 (in the basement).

    (Pictures above were taken in the previous location)


    Ala folk club changed its location again!

    The new address is: Peldu iela 19.

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