B Bar Restaurant

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The B-bar restaurant was opened in 2004 in the heart of the historical centre of Riga near the Dome Cathedral. If you enter inside and take a seat at the window, you will be charmed by the ancient stone walls, which seem to be so near that you can stretch your hand and touch them.

Original interior design, merging styles of today and the beginning of the 20th century, as well as the exquisite selection of cocktails and dishes.

Live music evening parties and theme events are held in the B-bar restaurant. The creative and metropolitan atmosphere, which reigns in the bar, attracts the gilded youth of Riga, popular actors and musicians, as well as everyone, who enjoys spending their leisure time in a really attractive and interesting ambience.

For the entertainment of children we have equipped a special play room, where they can stay and play while the old folks finish their drinks.

In the hot summer days, the B-bar restaurant diners prefer to sit outside on the terrace, where the ancient glow of the nearby Dome Cathedral let them feel the charming mood of our Old city.

Cocktail Happy hour: every workingday 4pm-7pm. Take 2 cocktails for one price!


„Cuba Libre”  

Rum, lime juice, cola

„Dry Martini or James Bond 007”  

gin or vodka,dry vermouth

„Bārdiņa Fizz”  

vodka, lemon juice, sugar, mineral water

„Gin Fizz”  

gin,lemon juice,sugar,mineral water


whisky, red vermouth, angostura bitter


lemon vodka,triple sec,cranberry&lime juice

„Whisky Crash”  

whisky, lemon&apple juice, ginger ale


/classic, frozen, peach, strawberry, banana,
raspberry, melon, coconut
rum, sugar, lemon juice+flavour
4,30 - 4,90


/classic,frozen, blue, peach, strawberry, banana,
raspberry, melon
/ tequila. triple sec.lemon
4,30 - 4,90


vodka,cranberry liq.sugar,grenadine,fresh
cranberry juice


Vodka,raspberry liq,syr.fresh raspberry juice

„Long Island Iced Te”  

vodka, rum, gin, tequila, triple sec, lemon juice, cola

„Red Island Iced Tea”  

vodka, rum, gin, tequila, triple sec, cranberry juice,

„Bloody Mary”  

vodka, lemon&tomato juice, spices

vodka,lemon&amp;tomato juice,spices<br /><strong>4,50</strong>


cachaca,lime,sugar<br /><strong>4,50</strong>
„Jungle Juice”  

pisang liq, gin, lemon, lime, orange&pineapple juices,
banana syr

pisang liq,gin,lemon,lime,orange&amp;pineapple juices,<br />banana syr<br /><strong>4,30</strong>
„Mai Tai by –B”  

um, amaretto, triple sec, apricot brandy, grenadine,
fresh cranberry juice

um,amaretto,triple sec,apricot brandy,grenadine,<br />fresh cranberry juice<br /><strong>5,50</strong>
„Tequila Sunrise”  

tequila, orange juice, grenadine

tequila,orange juice,grenadine<br /><strong>3,90</strong>
„White Russian”  

vodka, coffee liq, cream

vodka,coffee liq,cream<br /><strong>3,70</strong>

/classic, peach, banana, strawberry, vanilla,
raspberry, spiced, ice cream, coconut
rum, lime, mint, sugar, mineral water+flavour
4,70 - 5,90

/<em>classic,peach,banana,strawberry,vanilla,<br />raspberry, spiced,ice cream,coconut</em>/<br />rum,lime,mint,sugar,mineral water+flavour<br /><strong>4,70 - 5,90</strong>

rum,coconut milk,pinapple juice&pineapple+flavour
4,30 - 4,90

/pina,strawberry,banana,peach,melon,raspberry/<br />rum,coconut milk,pinapple juice&amp;pineapple+flavour<br /><strong>4,30 - 4,90</strong>
„Bacardi Cocktail”  

bacardi rum, lime juice, grenadine



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