Playriga.com the site that started as a web site for tourists, evolved to be against tourists (especially sex tourists), afterwards changed again to focus on art and culture and eventually crashed and was restored from old backup!
The site has still has prices in Lats (LVL), pages are not updated since long long time ago, but in any case it stays as it is as a nice souvenir to old times.

Musical delights are lined up by the dozen to take your world by storm. Loads of inspiring music, live bands, music events and concerts are on offer to keep you entertained. A passel of warming drinks and spirits make sure you have a gala time while enjoying the festivities of the night.

DJ events, literary meetings and art events provide the necessary spice to keep you coming back time and again. Special parties add life to this hot spot while a plethora of special events take the cake.

Opening Hours: from 15:00 till last customer.

Punk rock lives forever at least in Leningrad!

Summer Terrace:


One of the bartenders:


Head straight to Cafe Leningrad for a night full of fun!


Literary meeting corner:


web site: leningrad.lv

Address: Kaleju iela 54,Riga (near to the Hotel "Monte Cristo")

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