Latvian Beer

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Beer is a very important subject in Latvian tradition.

Each Latvian beer has a story behind it and in this section we'll discover some of these stories and introduce some of the beers made in Latvia to you.

Most people are not aware of the high significance of beer in the Latvian tradition that is not falling behind countries that are very well known for their importance of beer like Czech republic, Belgium, Germany and others.

latvian beer

Kate (Latvian painter who was elected this year to be one of the 10 most significant artists in Latvia) is also a beer fan and now managing the Latvian Beer section.

bauskas latvian beer

garais latvian beer

lacplesa latvian beer

livu latvian beer

madonas latvian beer

medalus latvian beer

valmiermuizas latvian beer

tervetes latvian beer

piebalgas latvian beer

bralis latvian beer

bruveris latvian beer

aldaris latvian beer

cesu latvian beer

uzavas latvian beer

brengulu latvian beer

More Latvian Beer Resources:

  • The following is a web site of a shop where it's possible to buy many types of beer (including natural and unfiltered beers that you cannot find in the shops): http://www.miestins.lv/our-bear/?lang=en
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