Livu beer

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livu beer

Līvu - it is beer and traditions. Experienced beer brewers have worked hard to offer the best beer, that has special and classical taste to people who enjoy beer. Therefore have been developed plenty of wonderful types of beer for all men, who love beer.

Livu beer is known for its specific and rich taste and clear hop flavour. Traditional recipes, suitable packaging and good price. Always, when you go to the shop to get your favourite beer, make the right choice - choose Livu beer.

There are five types:

  1. Livu Sencu - refreshing and mild drink with pleasant hop aroma and golden classical light beer taste.
  2. Livu Traditional - traditional beer recipe, intensive colour, wonderful aroma and specific taste.
  3. Livu Original - real men don´t have to smell after sweat and tobacco. Light hop bitterness, pleasant malt aroma and self-confidence is enough.
  4. Livu Unfiltered - strong. It has natural yeast precipitates. Livu Unfiltered - the beer, what women don´t understand.
  5. Livu Pilsner - Līvu alus - special pilsner-type beer
More about Tervetes beer can be found here: http://www.livualus.lv/lv/par_livu_alu
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