V.Kuze - Chocolate Cafe

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Vilhelms Ķuze used to be called a "King of sweets", when he was running his sweets factory in Riga in 1920-30ies.

"V.Kuze" - Chocolate Cafe  is made in original Art Deco style (old piano radio and furniture are antiquarian value
and pay attention to the decor on the ceiling!), it is quite small, but that makes it very cozy.

Special thing to try here is the real Dark Hot Chocolate (price is about 2ls) - very thick and sweet (when you put your spoon in a cup, it just stands there- so thick it is! :) )

v.kuze - chocolate cafe

v.kuze - chocolate cafe

Location: Old Riga, Jēkaba street 20/22 (near the Arsenals exhibition hall)

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