Are there parks in Riga?

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Riga is a green city, full of parks and gardens. The art of parks in Riga started to develop in the beginning of the 18th century. The first significant town planning steps were the establishment of two gardens: the so-called Tsar Forest at Gustavsals or Pētersals (the first Tsar garden) and at the Alexander bastions. Initially the parks were planed to become the part of Tsar’s palaces, which were to be built in these places. Later, however, plans changed and the citizens and visitors of Riga can spend their leisure time in the parks.

At the beginning of the 19th century, a plot of land given to the town by the widow of the merchant Vērmanis was planted with trees and shrubs. In line with the terms of the gift deed, this park was open to the public. In due course the park expanded and became one of the most remarkable open spaces in the city.

For tourists the most conveniently accessible are, of course, the parks in the centre:

Esplanāde – the park is located in front of Cabinet of Ministers/State Chancellery/High Court building. The main feature is, of course, the beautiful Orthodox Cathedral.

Barclay de Tolli monument

Vērmanes garden/park – this park is not a big one, but there is always something going on there. There is a fountain, a bakery, an open-air stage, a café there.

Vermanes park

Kronvalda park – this park is located in the so called quiet centre district, where the embassy, luxury apartments and offices are located. It is quite big, so you can enjoy a nice walk around and then eat an ice-cream on one of the benches.

kronvalda park

National Opera garden and Bastion Hill park – the are tow nice gardens/parks located in front of the National Opera building and across the square of the Freedom Monument. In the Bastion Hill park there is a “love locks bridge”, where newly weds place locks as a symbol of their love.

These are just a few parks of Riga. Every district of town can boast with more than one park or even a forest.

Walking in the Riga parks, take into account the following restrictions:

-         it is prohibited to sit on the greenery on the banks of the canals.

-         it is prohibited to drink alcoholic drinks (including beer) in open bottles in pubic places.

(Fines can be up to 100 LVL)

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