How to get from Riga to Jurmala?

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Jomas street in Jurmala

The easiest way is to take a train. The train leaves from Central Railway Station - very close to the Old Town, virtually across the road from it. Destination stations are Dubulti, Kemeri, Sloka and Tukums. Don't get confused by not seeing destination "Jurmala" anywhere:-)

Jurmala consists of a few stations (villages in the past), the most popular and tourists friendly is Majori. It takes approx. 35 minutes to get there by train.

Trains are quite frequent, especially in summer season, but don't expect them to run 5 times per hour, I would say 3-4 in the busiest hours. Tickets can be bought right at the station before departure. For schedules and prices check www.1188.lv/traffic/trains/…

There is also a minibus option. There are the following minibuses routes: Riga-Dubulti, Riga-Sloka, Riga-Jaukemeri. The minibuses leave from the big minibus stop just across the road from the Railway Station. Information on schedules and fares can be found in http://www.rtp.lv/index.php?lng=lv&part=33&us=&part2=6, but only in Latvian.

 Jurmala beach

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