How to get from Riga airport to the city center?

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The taxis can be found outside departure terminals. General advice would be - use red or yellow/greenish ones and don't agree to get into the shabby and strange looking cars. The price to the Old Town and the centre should be more than 12-14 LVL. The journey takes up to 20-40 minutes depending on traffic.

Baltic Taxi (yellow/greenish ones) offers also pre-paid coupons.

From the Baltic taxi website:

BalticTAXI coupons – a convenient and fast type of payment in our taxis. You can use coupons for a fixed rate trip within borders of Riga (up to 4 persons in a taxi). They can be purchased on the airBaltic home page, on airBaltic planes, in Islande Hotel, Neiburgs, Justus, Central Park Hostel hotels as well as in 24-hour Baltic TAXI customer service centers at the Riga International Airport.

The coupon price - 9.00 LVL (within borders of Riga) and 5.00 LVL (within the Riga centre).

Shuttle bus:

airBaltic airlines offers shuttle bus service – Airport Express. The bus serves the route between Riga Airport and Riga city centre with following stops: Riga Airport - Hotel ABC (Zolitudes str.) - Islande Hotel (Kipsalas str.) - Hotel Riga (Old Town) - Opera Hotel & SPA (Central Station) - Radisson Blu Hotel Latvija(Elizabetes and Brivibas street crossing) - Hotel Domina Inn Riga/ Monika Centrum Hotels (Elizabetes and Pulkveza Brieza street crossing) - Islande Hotel (Kipsalas str.) - Hotel ABC (Zolitudes str.) - Riga Airport.

The bus runs according to the timetable. Journey from Riga Airport to city centre takes approximately 20 minutes, but during peak hours it may take longer.

You can buy Airport Express tickets when booking your flight at www.airbaltic.com as well as separately by filling in this form.

  • Operating hours from Riga Airport: every day from 5:30 a.m. to 00:45 a.m. Buses depart every 30 minutes.
  • At Riga Airport the bus stops near exit of the Schengen arrivals hall.
  • Boarding and disembarking possible only at Airport Express stops.
  • Tickets can be purchased via internet, at airBaltic's offices in Riga, in hotels along the route or directly from the bus driver.
  • Purchased Airport Express tickets are valid for the stated date and route for one journey only.
  • Infants (0-1 y.o.) may travel free of charge.
  • Airport Express tickets are non-refundable and non-changeable except if schedule changes initiated by airBaltic have occurred. In such case please contact reservations@airbaltic.com to change the old travel dates to the new ones on your Airport Express voucher.

Ticket price EUR 5 / LVL 3 / LTL 15. If tickets are purchased from the bus driver only cash is accepted (Latvian lats only).

Public transport:

Please, take into account, that there are no train connections between the city and the airport. The only means of public transport available at the moment is a regular bus Nr.22. It goes to the central railway and coach station.

Information about schedules can be found on www.rigassatiksme.lv website.

If you buy the ticket from the driver, it costs 0.70 LVL per person one way. But there is an option to buy an electronic ticket (yellow one) in kiosks in Riga airport premises and in the city in Narvesen and other places.

Tickets for a certain number of trips

Types of tickets

Price (LVL)

One trip


Ticket for 4 trips


Ticket for 5 trips


Ticket for 10 trips


Ticket for 20 trips


2-trip ticket, for schoolchildren, students


2-trip ticket, for residents


4-trip ticket, for schoolchildren, students


2-trip ticket for 2 passengers *     


2-trip ticket for 3 passengers *      


One trip for schoolchildren and students**


5-trip ticket for schoolchildren and students **


10-trip ticket for schoolchildren and students **


20-trip ticket for schoolchildren and students **


* Available in yellow smart tickets only.

** As of 01.04.10 schoolchildren can buy tickets for 1, 5, 10 and 20 trips at 50% of their nominal value. It means that schoolchildren and students will pay for 1-trip ticket only LVL 0.25, for 5-trip ticket  – LVL 1.25, for 10-trip ticket  – LVL 2.50, for 20-trip ticket – LVL 5. Tickets with discounts can be loaded into a personified card and will be also on sale in all e-ticket trade places.

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