Latvian Language

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latvian language

Latvian is a Baltic language and is most closely related to Lithuanian, although the two are not mutually intelligible.

Here are some basic words in Latvian with translation to English:

"Paldies" - in English "Thanks"

"Vai Jūs runājat angliski?" - in English "Do You speak English?"

"Lūdzu" - in English "Please" and "You're welcome"

"Priekā" - in English "Cheers"

"Alus" - in English "Beer"

Note with regarding to Latvian language:

On 2012 there was a referendum in Latvia, people could vote for a proposal that is "will Russian Language be accepted to become a formal language in Latvia", 

the result was that more than 75% of the voters voted against, also it is interesting that the perentage of voters in this referendum in Latvia and also abroad (latvian vitizens who live abroad were able to vote) was higher than the percentage of voting to the government!

More about the Latvian language from wikipedia is here.

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