Police in Latvia

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state police

municipal police

Or you can call:

112 (emergency telephone number)

Police people and police cars are at present all around and all time in the old town of Riga, this gives a feeling of safety to tourists.

Some things to know:

Alcohol: it's not legal to drink alcohol outside in the street. It's possible to buy alcohol in shops and supermarkets only until 22:00 (but in bars, night clubs and restaurants also after 22:00).

riga rules

I was standing outside Key Bar and smoking a cigarette, finished the cigarette and left it on the street. A police car was there and two police officers came to me and told me to take the cigarette and throw in the trash. I did it, and said that I'm sorry and that it'd not happen again. (b.t.w the fine for throwing a cigarette is 5 LVL).

They gave me this flayer and left:



Parking tickets:

Standing outside in the street and smoking I spotted a red car that was parking in the old town next to Pussy Louge, two police officers came and put a parking ticket:

police in latvia

Later on the owner of the car arrived and was surprized that he saw this on his tire:

police in latvia

The car owner called the police and eventually they came.

The fine was 39 LVL for leaving the car there for two hours, for every additional hour the fine would have raised by 8 LVL!

Being an owner of a car in Riga is not a simple thing... maybe it's just better to walk... after all this city is very small (the old town).


This is what you get if you go by tram without a ticket, and also if you have a multi pass and forget to pass it on the machine: A Fine of 3 LVL!

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