Rip Off Places

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"Rip Off Places" or "Rip Offs" is a phenomena that unfortunately exists in Riga,

the name "Rip Off" comes from the idea behind the place that is the "Rip Off" money from people that visit it, and attract people to come and visit it in order to do so.

Talking to many tourists that I met in Riga, I noticed very clearly that lots of them are aware of this phenomena and are afraid of it.

I decided to dedicate a page to it and also examine a bit this rip off phenomena since it is definitely something that people are interested to know about.

Rip off clubs - how does it work?

The idea and the execution is very simple: girls (usually very pretty and sexy) work for a specific clubs or bars and their job is simply to attract people (mainly tourists) to come to these places together with them and spend a lot of money on this "date".

These girls in some cases wonder around the city, or in other cases just sit in these clubs and smile to the tourists that come to visit.

They are very friendly, smiling, laughing to any jokes and basically are a very good (and expensive) company to a tourist that come to Riga and wants to find a pretty Latvian or Russian girl to spend his time with.

The girls try to convince the tourists to go with them to the place where they actually work and there buy them drinks that are very expensive.

Some rumors tell about tourists that had to pay 200 LVL and 250 LVL for one drink in a rip off place.

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