Jewish Riga

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In This Section We'll explore the Jewish Riga.

But first some introduction: Who is a "Jewish" person?

The simple answer to this question is: A Jewish person is a person who was born to a Jewish mother.

And what about the father?

According to the original laws of Judaism the mother is the one to define the religion of her child.

It is possible to convert and become Jewish but the procedure is very long and difficult. Judaism is not a misionary religion unlike christianity or Islam. In simple words: Jewdaism do not want people from other religions to convert and become Jewish.

Before the second world war Jewish people lived in Latvia in many cities.

The following picture was taken in the Synagoge in Riga:

In the picture you can see names of cities in Latvia that had a Jewish community before the second world war. (click to enlarge image). A candle decorates each city with a Jewish Communities that perished.

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