Kvass (The REAL Kvass)

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Kvass is a Traditional Latvian drink. Very light, a bit sweet, made of bread, its taste reminds a little bit a taste of apple cider. 

There is very small amount of alcohol in Kvass (around 0.5% or less).

Today the Kvass can be bought in many shops in Riga BUT this is NOT the real Kvass but only a "commercial version" that is basically water with color and sugar.

If you want to taste the real Kvass look for bottles that have the labels "ILGUCIEMA", "BAUSKA", or "ILGEZEEM" (some times they are available in shops but in most shops you will only find the fake version)

On the picture: Kvass ILGUCIEMA:

kvass (the real kvass)

One Kvass that is 100% natural and does not include even preservatives has the label "ILGEZEEM", it can be bought in the central market in the fish section (fish pavilion).

On the picture on the left: Kvass ILGEZEEM and on the right: Kvass BAUSKA:


Kvass was originally made in a device like this one (the Container is not used nowadays but you can see it in the Central Market)



Update: August 9'th 2011: Kvass of type ILGUCIEMA is Kosher (כשר).

Not long ago Rabbi Shneor Kot (from the Synagogue in Riga) gave a "Kosher" (כשר) authorization to the Kvass of type ILGUCIEMA.

This happened after he verified the production procedure personally and checked that it does not include any step or material that does not follow Jewish Kosher (כשר) certification.

The Kosher Stamp does not exist on the label of ILGUCIEMA bottles but according to Jewish laws it is possible to drink it.

Mazal Tov.

Update: August 10'th 2011: Visit to ILGUCIEMA Kvass Factory:

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