Easter eggs Latvian style

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How Latvian people prepare Easter eggs:

The customs for coloring  Lieldienu olas (meaning Easter eggs in Latvian) are generations old. There's nothing to buy when making the Latvian version- nearly everything you'll need is already in your kitchen: dryed onion skins, berries, rice, different natural objects.  Most Latvian families save the onion skins all year to ensure good dyeing.


  • Fill a pot with onion skins and with enough cold water to cover the eggs. Its better to use the same "egg-dyeying pot" every year because dyes tend to leave a stain.
  • Then  take a square piece of fabric and put a small pile of dried onion skins on top.  The next step is to decorate the eggs using flowers, leaves, herbs, rise, barley groats, buckwheat- anything you want. Before decorating its better to wet the egg to make the items stay in place.
  • Put some more onion skins on top of the egg and gather the material to enclose the egg. Then tie string around it several times to keep everything closed up and in place. Use a fine netting fabric for his.
  • You can also simply put the remaining eggs in the dye bath to merge with a rich, dark color.
  • Put the pot on to boil. Boil the eggs for about 15 minutes, or until they are completely dyed.
  • After the eggs are boiled remove them with a slotted spoon. Take care not to scratch the plain ones. Place the eggs in cold water until they are cool enough to handle, unwrapp (taking the wrappings off is just like opening Christmas packages - you never know what you'll find inside!), rinse, drie...and voila! You have made wonderful Latvian Easter eggs!

Latvian style easter eggs

Latvian style easter eggs

Latvian style easter eggs

Easter breakfast in Latvian homes traditionally begins with an egg-knocking contest. With an egg in hand, each family member challenges the person next to him to crack his egg with another egg to see whose egg is stronger. This continues untill all the eggs are cracked. Its holder is the victor.

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