Ice Hockey

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Ice Hockey is probably the most popular sport in Latvia.

About Ice Hockey in General:

There are two teams, Five players in each team, Tree rounds of 20 minutes each and the game begins!

The most popular Ice Hockey Team in Latvia is Dinamo Riga.

The short film that you can see in this page was taken in the end of a game that took place on January 11'th 2011 in Arena Riga (http://www.arenariga.com/en).

In this game Dinamo Riga played against a russian team that is also called "Dinamo" and the winning team was Dinamo Riga with score: 1:0

The game started very slowly, after the last round the score was 0:0.

there was an extension time of five minutes and in the extension Dinamo Riga managed to score the goal of victory.

The crowd was thrilled, most of it was actually from Latvia and cheered for Dinamo Riga but also many people from Russia came to support Dinamo Russia.

More about Ice Hockey (from wikipedia) is here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ice_hockey

More about Dinamo Riga (from wikipedia) is here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dinamo_Riga

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