Latvian War Museum

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Location: Gunpowder Tower (Pulvertornis), Smilšu street 20.

Everything about military and war in Latvia from 9th to 20th century.

No coats allowed in museum as you must take them to the coat check on the bottom floor. Photos are allowed. Most of the museum is in Latvian but has some info in English. Small souvenirs shop consisting of books (3LVL - 17LVL) and packs of playing cards for 5LVL. 

Entrance fee: free

Opening hours: 10:00 - 18:00 daily

War Museum entrance

Initially this was Museum of Riflemen, dedicated to Latvians who fought against Germans during WWI.

War Museum balcony

latvian war museum

latvian war museum

latvian war museum

latvian war museum

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