Līgatne Nature Trails

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During the first really warm weekend this spring we were lucky to find ourselves in Sigulda district, close to Līgatne, where one of the most interesting attractions for nature fans is located – Līgatne Nature Trails.

Ligatne Nature Trails

Līgatne town and Nature trails are located about 70 km from Riga and 20 km from Sigulda town. It can easily be reached by car, following A2 road to Sigulda and crossing Sigulda town heading to Līgatne town.

Līgatne Nature Trails of Gauja National Park were established in 1975, so people could have a closer look at nature, wild mammal species living in Latvia, nature diversity and environmental protection.

Three years ago in terms of the project financed by the European Regional Development Fund the infrastructure of the place has been significantly renovated and made more friendly and comfortable for visitors: new visitors centre building was built, new signs, places for relaxation were installed, etc.

So, now Līgatne Nature Trails is a great place for a day out of town!

Some more attractions are situated nearby – Līgatne ferry across Gauja river, Soviet bunker, Vencocu park*.

On the banks of the Gauja River, in the area rich in wooded glens more than 5 km long trails are laid where you can observe wild animals and birds characteristic for the fauna of Latvia. You need 2-2.5 h on average for a visit.

The animals met in Līgatne Nature Trails have been brought from various places of Latvia. They were either injured or tamed cubs that could not survive without human care and find food without assistance.

Please, be reminded that feeding of animals is strongly prohibited!

Along the trails you can see roe deers, wild boars, bears, foxes, wolfs, wolf-dogs, elks, lynx, owls, eagle-owls and an aurochs in the fencing of Līgatne Nature Trails.

While visiting the area of Līgatne Natural trails wear comfortable clothes and footwear appropriate for hiking.

Dogs, even on a leash, in Līgatne Nature Trails is prohibited!

More information: www.gnp.lv; www.celodaba.lv

Gaujas NP AC Līgatnes dabas takās
Address: Līgatnes dabas takas, Līgatnes pagasts, LV - 4108
Phone.: +371 64153313, +371 28328800
e-mail: ac@daba.gov.lv

Visitor Centre in Līgatne Nature Trails

Working hours (winter season):

Working days: 10:00 - 17:00

Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays 10:00 - 17:00

Entrance fees

Visit to Līgatne Nature Trails:

For adults - 2.50 Ls
For students, pupils  and retired people - 1.00 Ls
For children of pre-school (from 0 to 6 years old) age and disabled people - for free

There is a possibility to pay for the entrance with electronic pay cards.

e-mail: ac@gnp.lv

Ligatne Nature Trails

Ligatne Nature Trails

Ligatne Nature Trails

Ligatne Nature Trails

Ligatne Nature Trails

Ligatne Nature Trails

Ligatne Nature TrailsLigatne Nature Trails

* Vienkoči park is situated in Cēsu district, Liīgatne civil parish, in a place named „Vienkoči”, on the bank of the River Līgatne in the territory of Gauja National Park. The work of creating the park started in 2003. It is opened to visitors since 2007. The territory of the park is 9,25 ha. The creator and owner of the park is Rihards Vidzickis.

The principal role of Vienkoči park is popularizing wooden craft and log-boat products, maximal usage of natural materials and environment cleanness. The park is divided in several areas, which help to create different atmosphere and arose different feelings. The areas are: the museum territory, landscape environment, wild nature, classical garden and modern area. Alongside the trails of the park there are wooden sculptures – animals (included in the Red Book), characters from fairytales and legends, objects created according to historical sources (sculptor R.Vidzickis).

In the glen you can see miniature watermills and models of historical buildings. One of the most interesting ones is the model of Nurmizu estate, which is made according to old photo materials and plans, because the very estate has not survived, but was one of the most beautiful and modern classicism estates in Latvia. In 2005 the masters of Natural Wood Processors Association of the Latvia Chamber of Crafts created a ‘torture yard’, in commemoration of 100th anniversary of the Revolution of 1905 and punitive expedition. In the log barn there is a woodworking museum-workshop, in the other log building there is possible to live in and enjoy the stay in ancient and naturally arranged environment and to forget about today’s reality. You have a possibility to have a ride in a log-boat on the River Ligatne. In the clump you will find the light forest with log-lamps. Here the annual Fire Night takes place each year on the first Saturday of October. The park also offers camping place for tents and fire place. You can freely take your own basket of food, walk around and choose the best place for your rest. By the entrance there is a playground, which is interesting not only for the youngest visitors, but for adults as well.

Working hours daily: 10:00 - 18:00

GPS coordinates: 57o11'30.43" N 25o02'52.79" E

Entrance fees:

For adults - 2 Ls

For pupils and pensioners - 1 Ls

Preschoolers - free entry

More details: www.vienkoci.lv

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