Rakari guest house near Salacgrīva

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Rakari guest house complex is located around 90 km from Riga on the new via Baltica road to Estonia close to the town Salacgrīva. It is only a few minutes walk to the beach.

The complex consists of the main house, where there are rooms, restaurant and a small SPA zone with a little pool and bath, small separately standing houses, each containing a bedroom, a kitchen, WC with shower and terrace with table and chairs and a place for car parking, as well as caravanning sites, tent sites, parking, playgrounds and recreation grounds.

Depending on the season there are many activities available: swimming, sunbathing, fishing in the river, which is located virtually next to the complex, horse riding, etc.

The easiest way to get there is by car – 1,5 hour reasonable speed driving the via Baltica road. But our friends have traveled there by coach as well. They took the one, which goes to Salacgrīva and get off on the stop near the big wooden chair, which stand by the road and indicated the turn to the guest house. Then you have to walk 900 meters on gravel road to the complex.

Our other friends have been there in March, when the snow was still everywhere and enjoyed their stay.

We stayed in Rakari in May, when the weather was not suitable for sunbathing and swimming, but it was sunny and pleasant to walk on the beach and enjoy nature and fresh air. We drove to the little Salacgrīva town (around 6 km from Rakari), where you can do some food shopping in the store or buy freshly caught or smoked fish. We also drove via Baltica in the direction back to Riga and stopped on the small parking lots near the sea. There is one near the place where the river and the sea go parallel and only golden strip of sandy beach is dividing them. There is another, which is located near the stony beach – the sandy beach gradually merges with stony one – worth a visit!

More about this place on http://www.rakaricamp.lv/en/

rakari guest house

detached guest house

Rakari complex

Beach near Rakari

Stony beach meets the sandy one

Terrace of the small guest house

The river and the sea

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