Sietiņiezis near Valmiera town

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Sietiņiezis is one of the most beautiful cliffs in Latvia and the biggest white sandstone outcrop in the Baltics. The cliff, which is so varied outside, can rarely be seen. Sietiņiezis is not just monolith sandstone walls, but a developing arch, a cave with two exits, huge column-like moulding, niches, platforms, splits and narrow benches. From the cliff’s highest point there is a fantastic view over Gauja River through fir- and pine-trees. 

Location: approx. 100 km from Riga, Vaidavas county, Kocēnu district municipality, 11 km south from Kocēni, 7 km east from Vaidava, 1,2 km east from the road Valmiera - Sietiņiezis, in the forest, on the right bank of river Gauja.

Total time for a walkabout:  ~1 h

Length:  approx. 2 km

The best time to visit: all year round.

NB! Foot trail is not accessible, if there are/recently have been heavy snowfalls.

Fee: FREE 

Surroundings: Forest on the river bank 

Level of difficulty: Medium – relatively steep stairs and steep and upslope.

Covering: in the beginning of the trail natural forest road and gravel, in the southern part there are stairs and footbridges available.

Available facilities: parking lot, where two places for rest (wooden tables and benches), as well as a place for fire, WC and information stand, are available. 

Above the northern part of the rock there is WC, benches and a place for fire, as well as a „mushroom” with information.

Marking: in the beginning of the trail there are marks showing the direction, further – footpath with fence.

Accessibility: the beginning of the trail till the rest place above the rock people with special needs can visit. But the further part of the trail is not accessible in wheelchairs.

How to get there: 

By public transport:

From Riga:

-  take a bus from Riga central bus station to Valmiera;

-  take a bus „Valmiera - Vaidava - Rubene – Valmiera” from Valmiera town central bus station, get off at the bus stop „Sietiņiezis”, then take a 1,2 km walk till the parking lot.

By car: A3 highway to Valmiera, on the right there will be a small sign „Sietiņiezis”.

Pictures seen below are taken in March on a foggy day. In the sunshine Sietiņiezis is much prettier!









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