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I traveled to Sigulda on May 20'th 2011, the beginning of the spring, Tourism season only started and the city was still very quiet and not many visitors came.

I went on a train from Riga (it's possible to take a bicycle on the train with small extra cost of 0.47 LVL) total train ticket price for me one way including the bicycle was 2.02 LVL.

Whenever the train reaches a station there is an announcment with the name of the station and the name of the next station so it is not difficult to know when to go off the train (tha name of the train station is "Sigulda")

The Train Station in Riga:

riga train station

I arrived to Sigulda (after ~45 minutes in the train), went on a short bicycle ride to explore the city

The city is located on a cliff, it's possible to go down the clif by foot, ~30 minutes to go down.

Also it's possible to ride the bicycle on the road that goes all the way down and it's a very nice experience (it's possible to reach very high speed, but keep to the right side of the road and watch out from the cars)

I entered a tourist information center, Elina explains about Sigulda's camping options:

I went to the camping site, it's possible to rent a tent there or take a boat, There were many mosquitoes so I decided to sleep inside, I paied 7 LVL for a dorms room.

at 4:30 in the morning I went outside to smoke a cigarette, I closed the door after me and got locked outside, bad luck there was nobody in the place, the season just started and the place would get opened only at 10:00, I decided to take my camera and go for a walk.

I went up the cliff and visited the city and eventually went down using the Funicular: (price for one way up or down including bicycle: 1 LVL)

I Spent two more days in Sigulda riding the bicycle, taking pictures and movies:

Something to consider before going on a trip to Sigulda: next to the river there were lots of mosquites!

I heard that mosquitoes are very common in Sigulda (one person said that Sigulda is considered the Capital of mosquitoes)

Another person said that in May there are more mosquitoes comparing to other months, I dont know about other months since I was in Sigulda in May and for sure mosquitoes were all over and were quite annoying.

I storgly advice to travelers to consider this and take something against mosquitoes since they can very much ruin a nice trip.

I bought something against mosquitoes... this is what I bought:


It doesn't not work at all! even after I covered myself with this poison (that has a terrible smell) the mosquitoes continued to bite me!

(friendly advice: Try to find something else that can help against mosquitoes! this one that I bought is useless)

sigulda sigulda

More information about Sigulda can be found in the web site: sigulda.lv

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