Skaņākalna nature park

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Mazsalaca (pronounced- ma-sa-la-tsa) is a small, but scenic town in northern Vidzeme. It is located around 150 km from Riga. There are regular buses going to Mazsalaca, which stop in other small towns on their way. Mazsalaca is a popular tourist destination for local residents of Latvia. Mazsalaca town holds tranquillity of the Latvian countryside and the beauty of the banks of river Salaca.

The majority of visitors are drawn to Mazsalaca by river Salaca and Skaņākalna nature park.

The park is a protected nature and recreational area named after its main natural wonde r- the Skaņskalns (Sound hill). Like other cliffs on the banks of the Salaca, it is a red sandstone formation but its beauty is matched by the enigma of its echo. If one finds the right spot, the perfectly flat sand wall turns even a whisper into a loud and clear sound.

The park stretches for three kilometers down the left bank of the Salaca, south of Mazsalaca, starting at the park of Mazsalaca Secondary school. Skaņākalna nature park protects, but also offers its visitors a range of natural formations, many of which are the venues of ancient events described in folklore and fairy tales.

Those who are not afraid of the devil himself are welcome to visit to the Devil’s cave and Devil’s stone. The Skabumballa cave and the cliffs around it are saturated with local stories but the spring originating in the depths of these cliffs is said to quench thirst particularly well.

Next to the Skabumballa cave the red Carnation cliffs are sure to impress, especially if looked upon from the Devils Pulpit- a cliff protruding from the bank, that Devil is said to have used to preach to the local peasants

Close to the entrance to the park you will find the Werewolf pine- an age-old tree which is said to be used to become werewolf.

We usually go to the park in May and in September, when it is not too hot for a good walk around. Very close to Mazsalaca is a bigger town of Vidzeme - Valmiera. Actually, Valmiera is a regional center and a Republic town, which means it has its own municipality.

Entrance fees:

Without guide - pupils Ls 0.60, adults Ls 1.00;

With guide for a group (more than 20 people) - pupils- Ls 0.80, adults - Ls 1.50;

With guide for a group (less than 20 people) - a standard ticket should be bought + Ls 4.85/h.

Fees for vehicles, if you want to drive into the park:

Coaches- Ls 5.00, small buses (less than 20 people) - Ls 3.00, cars - Ls 2.00, motorcycles - Ls 1.50.

More information http://www.mazsalaca.lv/public/eng/

Ska??kalna nature part

Ska??kalna nature park

Ska??kalna nature park

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