Tūja village on Vidzeme seaside

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Tūja is a small village, situated on the seaside, located approximately 70 km from Riga.


For those, who prefer quiet, undisturbed vacation near the sea, without crowds of tourists. Tūja is a perfect alternative to Jūrmala.


There are not many accommodation options in and near the village. There are two campings: Jūrasdzeņi and Krimalnieki, as well as a hotel Jafa Tūja.

It is not so easy to get from Riga to Tūja by public transport. Direct buses are rare – 2-3 times a day. But it is possible to catch a bus that goes to Ainaži, get out on the crossroads to Tūja and then 3 km by foot. Another option is to go by bus to Saulkrasti (also a very nice seaside town worth a visit) and then take a train to Riga. 

If you are travelling by car, then the road to Tūja and further to Estonian border (ViaBaltica) is one of the newest and best roads in Latvia. There is a comfortable car park directly by the sea, where for a small fee you can leave the car.

There are buses from Tūja to Riga, Saulkrasti, Ainaži, Salacgrīva, Limbaži, Valmiera.

There are four cafes in Tūja:

-         in the centre of Tūja, by the shop Elvi;

-         on the car park on the territory of Jūrasdzeņi camping;

-         500 meters right from the pier;

-         On the territory of camping Krimalnieki.





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