Dome Cathedral (also called St.Mary's Cathedral)

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Dome Cathedral is Located in Dome Square.

In 1211 the founder of Riga, Bishop Albert, layed the foundatins of the Dome (St.Mary's) Cathedral on the hill. Today you wont see any hill there, only about 2m deep pit, which was made during the archeological excavations.

This is how it looks in Summer time:

Dome Cathedral in Riga

The church is big impressive. It's the largest Cathedral in Baltics. Imagine, only the size of the roof of the cathedral is just as big as the football field!

Though in English it is often called the Dome Cathedral, actually it has no dome. The nickname comes from Latvian and German words "Dom(s)", meaning "Cathedral". So, actually when we are saying the "Dome Cathedral", it is like saying "Cathedral Cathedral".  So remember - it is Riga Dome or Riga Cathedral- the right way how to call it. :)

Dome Organ

One of the highlights of the Cathedral is the famous organ that was made in 19th century by a German company "E.F.Walker & Co". At that time it was the biggest organ in the world.

The size of it is like a four storey house. Today it is only in top 40 in the world (there is even a bigger organ in Liepaja), but it is still very special and unique and one of the reasons why so many tourists are visiting the Riga Dome. The reason is its historical romantic sound, which has not changed during the time (the instrument has never been modernised). There are only 2 organs left made by E.F.Walker & Co which still have their original sound of Romantic period- one is in Riga Dome, other in Votive Church in Vienna.

Every Wednesday & Saturday at 12pm there is a short organ music concert "Concerto Piccolo", about 20 min, 5ls

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