St. Peter's Church

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St.Peter's Church is one of the oldest churches in Riga. It's only 8 years younger than the city (Riga was founded in 1201).

Fantastic panoramic view is in the top of the churc tower. The viewing platform is 72m high above the city.

 St.Peter's Church in Riga

Old picture of St. Ptere's Church

In 17th century it used to be the highest wooden construction in Europe, but it has been quite unlucky - brought down by storm, struck by lightning and burned twice. Last time it happened during WWII in 1941 29th June. The church was restored only in 1960ies-70ies.

St.Peter's clock was first public clock in Riga and has been there since 1352.

In the top of the church spire is a golden rooster - the most famous from all  roosters in Riga. Just like the others this also serves as a weathercock. The legend says that when the rooster sings his morning song, all evil has to disappear.

St.Peter's Churc Rooster

In January of 2009 the rooster was taken off by the Latvian industrial alpinists, the mechanism for rotating was fixed and it got a new gilding for its 800th birthday.

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