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Playriga.com the site that started as a web site for tourists, evolved to be against tourists (especially sex tourists), afterwards changed again to focus on art and culture and eventually crashed and was restored from old backup!
The site has still has prices in Lats (LVL), pages are not updated since long long time ago, but in any case it stays as it is as a nice souvenir to old times.

Update October 2'nd 2013:

Unfortunately Meta Kafe was closed!

Trying to locate interesting places in Riga got me to this place, "Meta Kafe" is not a spelling mistake, it is the name of the place.

A restaurant and a coffee lounge that is located two minutes walk from the Central Market (near KIM art and exhibition center), Meta Kafe was opened by Ervins Zants from Latvia.

Every dish in the menu has a story behind it, the ingrediants from which the food is made of are natural and carefully selected.

Prices are in the mid range, I took the Lamb soup (very much recommended).

Note: Meta Kafe is moving to a new location, so for now it is closed.

meta kafe

meta kafe

meta kafe

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