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There are several "XL Pelmeni" restaurants in Riga

xl pelmeni

The restaurant has a self service where you can choose different types of pelmeni and put in your plate.

There are also salads (not many types of salads, this restaurant is actually 100% pelmeni restaurant).

xl pelmeni

afterwards in the cashier you weight your food and pay.

xl pelmeni

The different types of pelmeni are very basic in taste and the price is very low, do not expect an unusual culinar experience in this restaurant since it is actually serves very simple food: pelmeni and nothing more than pelmeni. There are pelmeni with meat, with vegetable, and also sweet pelmeni.

bon appetit:

xl pelmeni

(b.t.w definition of "Pelmeni" in wikipedia is here)

More information in the web site: http://www.xlpelmeni.lv/info.html

3 "XL pilmeni" places in Riga, one is in the galleria center, the second one is in Origo Center and the third one is not far from Livu Square you can see its location on the map:

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