The Lady who dances on streets

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In the summer and in the winter there is one special Lady in Riga: The Lady who dances on streets.

Some times in Livu Square and some times in other places.

She carries with her a small sound device, puts an open hat on the street in front of her (for people to donate coins) and she dances for hours and hours!

This Lady dances in the winter and in the summer, in the sun, in the rain and in the snow.

Her dance style is very simple: round and round and round and round.

Not all the people in Riga appreciate her dance style, but one thing is without question: The Lady just LOVES to dance!

riga street dancer

riga street dancer

Important Update:

The Street Dancer from Riga changed her location!

Her new location is Vaļņu iela 47 near the end of the street (not far from central bus station)

Update November 29'th 2013: 

Old Films of the street dancer from Riga were found:

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