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Playriga.com the site that started as a web site for tourists, evolved to be against tourists (especially sex tourists), afterwards changed again to focus on art and culture and eventually crashed and was restored from old backup!
The site has still has prices in Lats (LVL), pages are not updated since long long time ago, but in any case it stays as it is as a nice souvenir to old times.

Came to Riga in winter and need a warmer jacket?  Need to get rid of some clothes in your bag?  Then go to the Charity Shop in town and either donate or purchase items. Proceds go to charity.

The shop is located not far from berga bazar, the entrence is a hall of 5 meters and afterwards (on the right side) steps that climb up.

At the end of the steps there are two halls: on the right is the hall with second hand cloths: coats (that costs around 2 LVL), shooes, kitchen dishes and more.

On the left is a hall of books, most of the books are in latvian and russian languages but there are also shelves with books in English, German, and other languages.

The price for a book is in most cases 0.50 LVL only, if you decide to buy a book simply put the amount of money in a wooden plate that is located in the cachier.

inside charity shop

front of charity shop

More information can be found here http://www.idejupartneri.lv/index.php?lang=en&menu=2

or here (Latvian language): http://otraelpa.lv

Located at Marijas ielā 13

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