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The site has still has prices in Lats (LVL), pages are not updated since long long time ago, but in any case it stays as it is as a nice souvenir to old times.



Walking tour in Old Town
Walking tour – Art Nouveau in Riga 
Walking tour – Jewish in Riga
Walking tour – Soviet Riga
Culinary walk in Riga: come and feel the taste of Riga!
A walk with a Night Guard

Jewish Riga (combined walk + bus) – (up 2 persons) 
Sightseeing around the Old city and Boulevard Circle
                                                + walk in Art Nouveau district (up 2 persons)
One day trip to Rundale - visit of baroque style palace (up 2 persons)
One day trip to Sigulda (up 2 persons)
One day trip to Jurmala (up 2 persons)
Rumbula place of commemoration of the holocaust of World War II


Smileline offers guided tours all over Riga in many different languages


Groups and Individuals are welcome. it's also possible to plan an individual tour occording to one's interest.

Option to order in advence, more information in the web site www.smileline.lv

Smileline is located in the Town Hall Square, you can recognize the guides by the sign of the "yellow umbrella"


                    Riga Waterways
Riga transforms at night. It’s especially noticeable from Daugava river and the city canal when traveling along the waterways. We offer a unique opportunity to see night Riga from the water. See the historic panoramic view from Daugava, travel underneath the countless bridges of the canal and Daugava and observe colorful lights in the parks and the lit architectural monuments. During the tour you will also get a chance to see places rarely included in to tourist tours such as the President's Castle, Andrei island and the Central Market. This adventurous kayak trip starts from the yacht port in Kipsala and is accompanied by a knowledgeable and enthusiastic tour guide who will help not only with the equipment but also tell you the stories behind the city. Previous experience in kayaking is not necessary.

You will be equipped:
with paddles, life jackets and waterproof bags for your belongings.

The trip takes place on request at 21:30. The duration of the trip is 2- 2,5 hours.

 Price per person is 15 Ls (booking is required)
can be made by calling +371 29542626 or by e-mail  info@smileline.lv

Meet the Tour Guides from SmileLine!

Mara (Italian Guide)

Ilmar (Japanese Guide)

Janna (Russian Guide)

Roman (French Guide)

Alex (Italian Guide)

Ilma (English Guide)

Liga (German Guide)

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