AB Dambis

Playriga.com the site that started as a web site for tourists, evolved to be against tourists (especially sex tourists), afterwards changed again to focus on art and culture and eventually crashed and was restored from old backup!
The site has still has prices in Lats (LVL), pages are not updated since long long time ago, but in any case it stays as it is as a nice souvenir to old times.

Usually quite oasis in the middle of city can get pretty crowded during entertainment or culture events. Provides awesome panoramic view to Old Riga.

Two river boat platforms parked at dam belong to Culture and Arts Project "NOASS". One of them hosts Video Art Archive, other - restaurant`s "Dorian Gray" grillbar (2011 summer season).

To get there, cross Stone Bridge (Akmens tilts) and turn to right.

The View From the Stone Bridge


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