Bremen Musicians

Playriga.com the site that started as a web site for tourists, evolved to be against tourists (especially sex tourists), afterwards changed again to focus on art and culture and eventually crashed and was restored from old backup!
The site has still has prices in Lats (LVL), pages are not updated since long long time ago, but in any case it stays as it is as a nice souvenir to old times.

This monument has been presented to Riga city from Bremen. Bishop Albert, who founded Riga in 1201 was from Bremen, that's why these cities still have good partnership.

This is not a copy of the original monument in Bremen, actually it is very original and  political monument. You can see the surprise in the eyes of animals, but what has scared them so much, where are they looking? They are looking through the iron curtain! The monument was opened in 1990, at the time, when Latvia was still part of the Soviet Union.

It is belived that by rubing Donkey's nose the wish you make, will come true. But Latvians has a saying that actually three times is for good, but four- for the best. That is why you can see four shiny noses there! :)


Location: Skārņu Street, near St. Peters Chuch

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