Fountain Nymph

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Fountain Nymph is one of the most beautiful fountains in Riga. Made by sculptor August Folc - the one who has made most of the Rigas's sculptures. It says, that the Latvian girl who was posing for this scuplture later became scupltors wife. Ahh, these beautifull Latvian girls! :)

Fountain Nymph in Opera square

There is some funny coincidence: in Germany in Gorlitz also is a very similar fountain called "Muschelminna" . Both of these fountains have been unveiled in the same year - 1887!

Fountain Nymph in Riga and Muschelminna in Gorlitz

               "Nymph" in Riga         <---->        "Muschelminna" in Gorlitz

Location: Opera Square (near the National Opera)

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