The Freedom Monument in Riga

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The Freedom Monument was built after Latvia had gained the independence for the first time in 1918, though it took couple of years to till it was built (unveiled in 1935 18th November).

The description in Latvian says "For Fatherland and Freedom".


The Freedom Monument is located on Brīvības Boulevard (Brīvības bulvāris in Latvian) and is a starting point for the Freedom Street (Brīvības Street). In Soviety times the monument was not destroyed, though it was forbidden to show any honour to it. The Freedom Street was renamed as Lenin's Street.

In top of the monument is standing a figure of a woman who embodies freedom. Locals have given her a nickname Milda. Milda is holding 3 stars high above which symbolise tree historical regions of Latvia: Vidzeme, Kurzeme and Latgale.

riga Freedom Monument


riga Freedom Monument

Usually, when the weather isn't too bad, the Guards of Honour is standing by the Freedom Monument. After each hour one can see the change of Guards of Honour. But during every 30min their shift, the guards are marching in front of the monument.

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