Three Brothers

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These three buildings together are the oldest dwelling houses in Riga:

The oldest brother is the White Brother, it was built in the 15th century and is the most medieval one.

The middle Yellow Brother is from the 17th century.

The youngest Green Brother was built in 18th century.

Three brothers - oldest dwelling house complex in Riga

Why are they called Tree Brothers? Actually no one knows that! Never ever any three brothers have lived there and these buildings have never belonged to any of three brothers. The simple reason might be that these houses are standing side by side to each other, forming a typical ensemble.

Though in Estonia, in Tallin there is a warehouse complex called "Three Sisters" and they did belong to three sisters originally!

All three brothers are joined together from inside and hosts the Latvian Museum of Architecture (entrace is free of charge)

Location: Old Town, Mazā Pils Street 17, 19 and 21

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