Wall Street in Riga

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"Three Wall Street" is written on the wall.

From Latvian the name of the place , Valnu street 3,  really means Wall street nr.3!   :) The "Wall" street was named after the fortification walls that used to surround all Riga till th middle of 19th cent..  The Powder Tower - the most famous from the few fortification towers wich has remained till nowadays, also is near that place.

Three Wall street in Riga

Three Wall street in Riga

All this building was restored on the money of a Latvian/Russian millionair Jevgenij Gomberg. They also have restored the old sculpture of a Golden Night, and put some pictures of Riga on the wall.

Golden Night

Pictures in Wall street

Location: Old Town, Vaļņu Street 3, near the Powder Tower.

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