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Baltic Bike

Mobility in city - multiple self service places to rent/leave a bike in Riga and Jurmala.


Openning hours

  Monday 00:00-24:00     name: Baltic Bike
  Tuesday 00:00-24:00     phone: +371 67 788 333
  Wednesday 00:00-24:00    


  Thursday 00:00-24:00     address:

Rīgas Starptautiskā lidosta
Rīga, LV-1053, Latvija.

  Friday 00:00-24:00    
  Saturday 00:00-24:00     web site www.balticbike.lv
  Sunday 00:00-24:00        

BalticBike Prices and Service Charges

Hourly rate

LVL 0.70

24 hour rate


1 week (7 days)

LVL 25

2 weeks

LVL 45

3 weeks

LVL 60

monthly rate  (30 days)

LVL 75

30 days and more

LVL 75 + LVL 2 per every extra day

Call-out mechanic-consultant (in Riga)


Call-out mechanic-consultant (in Jurmala)

LVL 14



Most popular riding tours in and around Riga

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Bike Route: Beautiful and Green Riga

Bike Route: Centre - Open-Air Museum - Centre

Bike Route: Rivers, Parks and a Bit of History

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More rentail info



Baltic bikes

Baltic bikes

Baltic bikes

Update September 27'th 2013

Oops! a Miracle Happened in Riga!

Balticbike is now called Sixt.

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