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Welcome to the bus in Riga:


Bus: Lithuania - Riga:

Bus from Klaipeda (Lithuania) to Riga.

There is a deal of 30 Litas (12 USD) two ways (the deal is available for everybody).

Bus: Tallinn - Riga:

There are mainly three companies that offer busses from Tallinn to Riga and back:

  1. Hansabuss (web site) - Price: ~280 EEK, very comfortable sits, free Wifi, option to take bicycle;
  2. EuroLines (web site) - Price: ~310 EEK, free Wifi (many times does not work), option to take bicycle but only if there is enough space on the luggde place;
  3. EcoLines (web site) - Price: ~220 EEK, no Wifi, option to take a bicycle but for extra fee of 150 EEK per bicycle.

Note: Better check Bus Price and schedule in the web site and make a booking since busses can be full in the summer season, especially if you plan to take a bicycle with you.

Want to see the Central bus station? (click on it).

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