My Bus Ride from Riga to Tallinn

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I took a bus from Riga to Tallinn, the bus of company Eurolines is very comfortable, equiped with internet, toilettes and free coffee.

I took this bus many times in the past, and there was never any problem, but in this particular time it was not the case.

From the begining of the way the bus was making strange noises that came from the engine.

After a while the bus driver stopped the bus next to a local food shop and a rescue car arrived and started fixing the problem in the engine.

While the rescue team were working, the passangers were allowed to go out of the bus.

I also went out, smoked a cigarette, took some pictures, went into the local food shop and bought some snacks to eat on the way.

I bought "Lay's potato chips" + mineral water in small bottle + bounty chokolate snack. price all together: 1.5 LVL.

After two hours the problem was fixed and we went on in our way.

my bus ride from riga to tallinn

View from the bus:

my bus ride from riga to tallinn

The place where the bus broke down:

my bus ride from riga to tallinn

my bus ride from riga to tallinn

The Rescue:

my bus ride from riga to tallinn

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