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Latvijas Dzelzcels

Latvian Railway (LDz) Concern is one of the biggest in the state, employing more than 11 600 people. LDz is the biggest payer of social and resident income taxes to state budget, besides, its economic activities make contribution to the whole state economics.

train station

train station ticket offices

train station peron


Openning hours

  Monday 00:00-24:00     name: Latvijas Dzelzcels
  Tuesday 00:00-24:00     phone: +371 67 231 181
  Wednesday 00:00-24:00    


  Thursday 00:00-24:00     address: Gogoļa iela 3, Rīga, LV - 1547, Latvija
  Friday 00:00-24:00    
  Saturday 00:00-24:00     web site www.ldz.lv
  Sunday 00:00-24:00        

Latvian Railway

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