Rio Ferdinand How His Career in Man Utd Damaged His Friendship With Chelsea Rival Frank Lampard

Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund have started training activities for their players despite the current situation where the pandemic coronavirus outbreak has not subsided. This is following local regulations where clubs are allowed to do training activities again because the previous regulations only limited to April 6th.

The Bundesliga itself was stopped a month ago. However, many parties are hoping that the Bundesliga can start again when early May. Although some clubs have started training sessions for their players, some clubs are still prohibited from undergoing training sessions, such as Freiburg and Werder Bremen because of the influence of the policies of each region.

Interestingly, this training activity is quite different from the usual training activities. To prevent spread and infection, the players who were in this training session were asked to keep their distance from one player to another. This scene can be seen directly in the Bayern Munich training session that began yesterday.

As Neuer acknowledged, they were asked to take some specific actions that they had not previously taken, such as not shaking hands and hugging when greeting and meeting, and also conducting training sessions in small groups that only reached 5 people in each group.

On the field, they were asked to maintain a distance of 1.5 meters between one player and another. Even in the dressing room. They were asked to keep their distance even up to 4 meters away. Besides, in this training session, they are also not asked to do exercises that have an element of physical contact, such as grabbing the ball or doing tackles.

Previously, Bayern Munich itself had asked its players to do independent isolation in their respective residences and to do independent training. They were asked to conduct video conferences between teams to keep causing positive pressure from teammates and the rhythm of previous training activities.

Therefore, even though it was permitted to conduct a training session, the local authorities asked for strict restrictions on the process. Unfortunately, this action has raised several debates from several parties. Of course, because the Bundesliga has conducted training sessions and become the first league to do so than any other league.

Carlo Ancelotti, for example, believes that training activities should be done simultaneously because it is very important for every team anywhere. With actions that have been carried out like that, he is worried about the emergence of envy from the other party and feels that one party is more favored than the other.

Xavier Frezza, an independent coach who works with French soccer players, agrees. Even so, he did not blame the actions taken by Bayern Munich, because these actions do indeed need to be done so that the players do not feel pressured due to the difficult times they face today.

He also did not dismiss, it could be that there would be a very big difference when a match that brought together a team that had done training in advance with a team that had not done training at all.