The Best Techniques to Play Soccer for Beginner

Who doesn’t know about this phenomenal and popular sport in the world? Soccer is one of the most favorite sports that have always been loved by child, kid, teen, and even adult. No matter man or woman, this sport is playable by both genders. But, this sport is loved dominant by man. All of men in this world must have ever been played soccer in their life. Sometimes, soccer is not only just a sport, and it can be more than that. There are lots of role models from soccer players who are being very inspirational. For instance, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi now are the best players ever in soccer. They have been paid with such expensive price for playing football. As we can see now maybe they are very lucky enough to be the super soccer stars. Don’t ever see the result of the success, they can be like now because they love soccer and very serious in learning how to play soccer. They both also come from poor family who are only having a big desire in playing soccer. If they can, why you can’t? You must be can.

The Best Techniques to Play Soccer for Beginner

First of all, if you want to be the best soccer player that can be successful in this sport, you have to learn from the life of successful soccer player and how they can be like now. The success needs the real process and extra effort. You have to learn soccer step by step, learn it from zero to hero. You can get your own success in soccer if you are really meant to learn it seriously. Therefore, you have to make sure first whether you want to serious or not in learning how to be the best soccer player in a team. If you do really serious and want to learn it step by step, you may need to be patient in learning the training to play soccer. There are two steps training that you have to learn as the beginner. The first one is you will be trained the basic technique without handle the ball, and the second one is the basic technique of the soccer with handle the ball.

The Basic Technique without Handle the Ball

The Basic Technique without Handle the Ball

If you have ever seen or watched the soccer gameplay, you must see there are lots of soccer players who are training without handling the ball, isn’t it? This technique is the best way to train the beginner to recognize the soccer nuance in a proper way. The main purpose of this technique is to sharpen your skill in the later of time while you are playing soccer while you are not handling the ball you can and able to deceive your opponent cleanly. There are lots of movements that you can learn and apply. Here we go:

  1. Running as fast as you can and change the direction of your running destination in a sudden way

This first technique is very effective way to train every soccer player to sharpen their skills in deceiving their opponents in the field. Although they are not handling the ball, at least they will know what they are supposed to do.

  1. Running in different moves and in the same time avoids the approaches opponent

This technique has a function to sharpen your move in the field when your opponent is approaching to guard you, you will know what you ought to do to avoid the guard of your opponent.

  1. Running to find the right spot to get ready in heading the ball

This technique will also sharpen your creativity and your initiative in finding the right spot to get the ball and heading it to the opponent’s goal. You will be divided into two teams, and there’s no ball on it but you must run and run to do some movements that deceives your opponent and stand in the certain spot that you think it is safe and right to get the heading ball. The coach of yours will tell you more if you do the best thing or needs the guidance more.

The Basic Technique with Handle the Ball

In the last part here, we are going to talk about the technique training from the basic that you have to do with handle the ball. First of all, especially the soccer beginner player will move to this part if only they are mastered the basic technique without handle ball. Let’s say and consider that you are passed the training in the last moment. There are two important things in playing soccer, they are dribbling skills and passing skills. If you can at it, you can now play as the part of a team. You are the one who are able to help yourself, and you have to serious in doing these training.

  1. Dribbling the Ball

Dribbling is one of the basic techniques to handle and carry the ball in slow and fast movements according to the condition in the field. As long as the ball is in your control, you have to concern from the opponent because they will try their best to seize the ball off your feet. To train and sharpen this skill, you can run as fast as you can and keep the ball in a sudden way. In addition, don’t too long in handling the ball in your control because the opponent will pressure you for good.

  1. Passing the Ball

Passing is the base technique to have over the ball to your teammate. In this part, we are required to know in a better way the condition in the field. For instance, if you are controlling the ball in the field, you have to know which teammates that have not been guarded by the opponent. To increase this skills and initiative, you will be trained to pass the ball for certain times. Don’t get bored in training because this is the process to achieve the successful. You have to believe in yourself that you can be the best one.